954-515-8370 Free Consultation
954-515-8370 Free Consultation

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Connecting knowledge, ingenuity & ability.

Over the past 28 years, he has used his strength, knowledge, training, sense of humor and given talent to provide the results his patients admire and appreciate.

Dr. Helfeld suffered from challenging allergic reactions to animals and pets as a teenager. After frequent visits to doctors and confronting too many pharmaceutical shots, his family connected him with a talented Chiropractic specialist that not only removed the need for future shots, but allowed him to re-engage with his family pet, while discovering his love for Chiropractic medicine.

While patients are traditionally tense prior to receiving any type of adjustment, Dr. Helfeld was determined to discover unique methods for improvements. He recognized that by relaxing the mind through stories, questions, conversation and empathy would dramatically improve the results his loyal clients would receive.

Dr. Helfeld graduated the University of Maryland, College Park and received his D.C. through Life University of Georgia.

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