Are you a candidate for back pain?

  The fact that men and women suffer from back problems certainly isn’t breaking news, but the number of those who suffer from such pain and discomfort is definitely startling. Equally as the number of people searching for the right chiropractor Delray Beach.   The American Chiropractic Association reports that 80% of men and women in the U.S. will be forced to deal with back pain at some point in their lives. Based on the most recent population data, that means 262.9 million Americans, alone, will be afflicted.   And that’s just in the U.S. If that percentage holds true globally, 6.17 billion — with a B — people living in the world today will experience back pain. That is significantly more than just the people experiencing back pain and searching for a chiropractor Delray Beach.   So, are you a candidate for back pain?   The odds would emphatically say “yes.” After all, only one out of every five people will be spared. Not very promising! Suffice it to say, you are a candidate for back pain based purely on the odds. None of us are immune. While there are no sure-fire strategies and solutions for preventing back pain, there are obviously steps you can take to reduce your risk. That, however, is a topic for another day.   Right now, we’ll take a little closer look at some factors and activities that can actually contribute to and, possibly, cause back pain.   Do you have a desk job?   The thought of sitting down for extended periods of time probably sounds harmless. In fact, it likely even sounds like it would have a positive effect on the human body. Seems relaxing, comfortable and low stress, right?   Surprisingly, that assessment couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, sitting actually contributes to back problems, including chronic pain, especially for those with poor posture. Lengthy and frequent sitting can also results in neck and shoulder pain.   So, simply put, if you have a desk job, you are a candidate for back pain. We’re not suggesting that you quit your job, but it would be wise to consider ways in which you might be able to reduce your risk. Expressing your concerns with your supervisor is a good start, and some simple steps you can take include using an ergonomic chair, working at a standing desk, making sure your posture is good, getting up and taking short walks every so often (the more frequent the better), stretching every so often — sure, you might get a few strange looks at first but, hey, if you’ve ever had back pain, you’ll gladly trade that feeling for a couple co-worker chuckles. And don’t be surprised if, within a few weeks, you’ll be leading some of those same peers in periodic stretching groups.   We’ll these guarantee you won’t end up with a bad back? No. Don’t forget, 80% of all Americans will eventually suffer, if they’re not already. But sitting at a desk all day does increase your chances of being affected. Don’t be a sitting duck...follow these little tips and give yourself a fighting chance. If all of the above didn’t work for you, you can always rest assured you can rely on a chiropractor in Delray Beach   Are you an athlete?   Physical activity is great for your health but, unfortunately, it can be harmful to your back. Most sports and athletic activities put strain on the spain which, over time, increases your chances of developing back trouble.   The swinging motions involved in sports like baseball and golf require a great amount of torque (the twisting of the body, primarily the torso) to generate bat or club speed. This repeated motion causes tremendous stress on the spine.   Others sports and activities, such as basketball and running, are problematic for other reasons. The bigger issue with these is the constant impact on the back, particularly the spine and discs. The amount of compression and trauma caused by repeated landings from strides and jumps is very damaging.   Football is a big one as well. Not only does it involve running and jumping, which we already covered, but then the harm caused by continuous high-speed, high-impact collisions.   Even athletic activities such as cycling, which seems docile enough, can be bad for your back. The prolonged forward-leaning position puts stress on the spine and, over time, can lead to back pain.   Yes, cycling is better for your joints and spine that other activities — running, for example — but it can still have a negative effect on your back.   Tennis, too, can have adverse effects on your back and spine. The constant starting and stopping, as well as the strain caused by certain tennis-related motions — such as the arching of the back during serves — and the torque involved when striking the ball all take a toll on the back and spine.   The point here is not to deter you from sports and physical activity. As previously stated, exercise is extremely beneficial to your well-being, not only physical but also mental and emotional. But it is taxing on the body, including the spine and other joints.   You can build up certain muscle groups or participate in stretching routines, and these can be helpful when it comes to providing support for the back. However, if you previously played sports or participated in athletic activities, or if you are currently doing so, the odds of you facing back paint are unfortunately increased.   We gave you the bad news first. Back pain is real and, unfortunately, it is common. There’s a good chance — a very good chance — that you will be forced to deal with it during your lifetime. While there are certain activities that can induce back pain, the truth is there are things beyond our control, such as genetics, age, and wear and tear, that lead to problems.   But there is good news!   Chiropractors Delray Beach are trained on spinal alignment and other procedures that help you manage or overcome most forms of back pain, including chronic, debilitating issues. They are able to treat those already suffering with back issues, as well as those who are not. Chiropractor Delray Beach offer alignments and techniques help keep your back healthy and help minimize your risk of eventual pain. These preventative measures are extremely effective and not only leave you feeling better now, but also in the future.   What are you waiting on, come visit a chiropractor Delray Beach and let us help you get rid of that back pain. 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