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Leg & Arm Pain

Shoulder and hip joints are used very frequently and for a variety of uses that employ a wide range of motion. At our Back Shack chiropractic clinic, we see a large number of injuries related to these joints. Sports, wear and tear, and many other activities can lead to pain and an inability to use these joints.

It can be hard to determine the source of arm or leg pain on your own. Aching joints after repetitive daily activities, dislocated shoulders, and pinched nerves, are all clear reasons for immediate pain; however, a creeping pain in your arms or legs during times of no activity when you’re unsure where or why you’re in pain, should be cause for a professional examination.

Numerous conditions can cause pain such as bursitis, arthritis, and tendinitis, but a misalignment in the upper or lower spine is the most common source of chronic leg and arm pain. Narrow spaces for nerves in the spine caused by a spine or disc misalignment irritate the nerves, leading to pain down the length of the nerve. Any sort of injury to your vertebrae has the possibility of sending pain throughout your arms and legs.

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