The Most Common Accident-Related Injuries

Back pain and injuries are common. As we’ve mentioned in this space before, the American Chiropractic Association estimates that 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.
There are many causes of back pain.
Genetics certainly plays a role. One or both of your parents may have dealt with a degenerative issue that they passed down to you.
Poor posture absolutely leads to a great number of back-related problems, especially for those who spend prolonged periods of time in seated positions. People with desk jobs, for example.
Frequent and extreme trauma from playing sports and participating in physical activity takes a toll on the back and can result in several issues.
Slips and falls…
Strains from carry awkward or heavy loads…
The list goes on and on.
However, high atop the list of back injury causes is automobile accidents.
The Association for Safe International Road Travel indicates that up to 50 million Americans are injured in vehicle crashes each year. That’s in addition to the 1.25 million who are killed in such crashes on an annual basis — an average of nearly 3,300 per day.
And those are just the injuries and accidents that are reported and documented. The actual number is probably significantly higher.
Auto industry experts also estimate that the average American driver or motorist will be involved in a crash four times in their life. While crashes can result in injuries to nearly any body part, damage to the neck and back is extremely common.
Here is a list of the three most prevalent back and neck injuries caused by auto accidents, all of which can be alleviated by Chiropractor, Delray Beach adjustments.
By far the most common neck and/or head injury sustained in vehicle crashes is whiplash. In fact, more than 65% of bodily-injury-related auto insurance claims are for whiplash.
You’ve undoubtedly heard the term, “whiplash,” and may have even experienced it at some point.
Simply put, whiplash is a strain or sprain of the soft tissue in the neck area. Whiplash can be caused by a variety of impacts, falls and motions, but vehicle crashes is probably the most common. Thankfully, Chiropractor, Delray Beach can help.
Symptoms of the strain, or whiplash, can happen immediately upon the crash or may not present for several days. Whiplash occurs when the head and neck area is thrust forward while the rest of the body remains static, then comes to a sudden stop. This type of force jars that region of the body and can also affect discs, ligaments, nerve roots, muscles and intervertebral joints, and can result in one searching for a chiropractor, Delray Beach.
The most noticeable sign of whiplash is neck, shoulder and back pain, but other symptoms include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, a burning sensation in the back and neck areas, memory loss and irritability. As is the case with any injury, there are various degrees of severity. However, if you were recently involved in an accident and are experiencing any of these issues -- or even if there’s a possibility that you might in the very near future -- it would be wise to schedule a consultation with a Chiropractor, Delray Beach. He or she will be able to evaluate and diagnose your whiplash and customize a treatment plan to ensure your best and fastest possible recovery. A Chiropractor, Delray Beach can customize a treatment plan for you.
The worst thing you can do, however, is nothing. Hoping that time heals your condition will not only leave you in pain longer, but can also lead to the formation of secondary problems as a result of your body overcompensating for the pain and putting abnormal strain on other areas.
Herniated discs
Herniated discs are another extremely common injury suffered in vehicle crashes. Herniated -- or bulging -- discs are caused by powerful impact or trauma to the back or neck area that causes the discs that align and support the spinal cord to move or shift. A vehicle crash is a perfect and popular example of the type of force that could lead to such an ailment.
The misalignment results in the disc or discs putting pressure on the surrounding nerves, which creates pain, stiffness or numbness. Chiropractors, Delray Beach can realign your discs.
Without getting too detailed, discs are essentially cushions that are located between each of your vertebra. Their primarily role is to absorb shock, ultimately protecting the spine itself from trauma and damage.
When the impact is too severe, it causes them to shift and you end up with a herniated disc.
Oftentimes, a herniated disc will also lead to shooting pain down your leg or legs, also known as sciatica. Although a disc can become herniated, bulging, slipped, etc. anywhere along the spine, it is most common in the lower back or lumbar region.
There are a variety of methods for treating herniated discs, from therapies to surgery, depending on how bad the problem is and what kind of effect it is having on other parts of the body.
As is the case with most injuries, if you are experiencing back pain, especially if you were recently involved in an auto accident, have it looked at by a professional. Trying to treat it on your own is rarely effective and the longer it is left uncorrected, the more likely you are to experience chronic pain and secondary issues. You should make sure to find the best Chiropractor, Delray Beach to help you.
Spinal bruises and fractures
The spinal cord is the very center of our body’s structure, but it is extremely sensitive and is susceptible to bruises and even fractures, which if severe enough can result in both temporary and permanent paralysis.
Vehicle accidents, even at low speeds, can result in bruising or breaking of the spinal cord. Typically it occurs when one part of the body -- most often the legs and lower half -- remains secure in the seated position but the other part -- the torso, head and neck -- instantly moves forward. This violent action has the ability to cause bruising to the spine and may also sever it.
There are different types of bruises and fractures, some worse than others, and treatment plans vary based on the diagnosis. A Chiropractor, Delray Beach can help you customize a treatment plan.
The most glaring symptom of a spinal bruise or fracture is pain, but also be aware of any shortness of breath or numbness, as these can also be indicators of a spinal injury.
Be sure to have any back pain you’re experiencing in the wake of an auto accident checked out. Putting it off or waiting for time to heal you can, and usually does, make issues worse.
Dr. Chuck, a Chiropractor, Delray Beach can help you with all of the above issues.